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Familiarization: How to do it?

Fishermen now have access to two videos to guide them through a step necessary for their safety: familiarization.


Familiarization consists of training any new person on board a ship on the procedures and their role in case of an emergency, explaining to them where the safety equipment is and how it works, as well as the main dangers on board. Although familiarization sounds simple, it is crucial when an emergency situation arises.


Familiarization is mandatory under the Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations and must be recorded in a log. However, this step is still poorly understood by commercial fishermen. Consequently, it remains uncommon and its practice is often even completely put aside, as demonstrated by the research project Making Prevention a Priority. These failures are attributable to the captains and reduce the crew's chances of survival in the event of a serious accident.


The videos therefore aim to support captains by giving them concrete examples of familiarization. Lobster captain Gino Lepage, from Grande-Rivière, and shrimp captain Dave Cotton, from Rivière-au-Renard, have agreed to show the camera the main stages of this familiarization.


The filming of the videos is an initiative of the Comité permanent sur la sécurité des bateaux de pêche du Québec (CPSBPQ) and of the Comité sectoriel de la main-d'oeuvre des pêches maritimes (CSMOPM).


The two organizations are aiming for a wide distribution of the videos, not only to captains and fisherman's helpers, but also to their relatives, who have influence on safe behavior, and to the general population likely to embark on the boat. and occasional fishing boat.

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